Grooming Pet Sitting Gallery

Each pet is treated with the utmost care and love when they visit our salon. We only use the best products and care for your pet in a loving, home atmosphere which brings added comfort and ease to all that visit.


Leaving your beloved pet while away can be stressful for all involved. Here, we pamper your pet in a home environment which ensures the most loving and relaxed experience your pet can enjoy while you're away.


Many pets have passed through our doors. Come look at our gallery and meet a few who visited as grooming clients and also pet sitting clients. Enjoy a few videos of puppy play dates, too.



From Karen Haworth:

Angie is seriously the BEST and most flexible dog groomer/boarder there is! She does an amazing job with my labradoodle. She treats your pet like they are her own.

Our puppy has so much fun, sometimes I'm afraid she won't want to come home! She will pick up your pet and drop off too...who does that?

I have needed her last minute for boarding and she is always happy to help out. Her prices are really reasonable and competitive.

From Lori Miller: 

The best dog groomer in Northwest suburbs. She is flexible and really loves her clients.

My pups always come back looking great and they have a good time too. Also, they provide boarding services and the dogs have so much fun.